Primary Features

Managing your Toys R Us Credit Card account is easy and secure. After logging into your account, you can tap Pay my account to see your payment options. You can also set up account notifications, update your billing information, and even manage your rewards account.

Among them is the professional credit card, which is the source of the Toys R Us Credit Card, and the MasterCard, which will title the card for the use of the cards part out or the MasterCard is accepted. In the U.S.

Registered members can effectively choose to receive their bonus dollars every two weeks via email with a bonus certificate or to deposit their points. Customers can earn a maximum of $ 20 in rewards every two weeks.

However, when you redeem your points, you can earn $ 200 in rewards before a reward certificate is automatically sent to you. Each reward certificate expires 60 days after the date of issue.

Toys R Us Credit Cards reward credit card users with two points for every dollar spent in store and online. Rewards members are also referred to as “R”. For every dollar spent, customers earn one point.

Purchases of all other goods are worth 1 point when $ 4 is spent. Each “R” reward value is worth 4 cents for every 125 points earned, resulting in a profit rate of $ 5 for every 125 points earned. The cardholder’s bonus points will be deducted from their account after one year of inactivity.

When you participate in the “R” Us rewards program with your Toys R Us Credit Card, you get a variety of benefits. The program is also available for free in stores or online without permission.

Membership benefits, the Geoffrey Birthday Rewards program, and the Birthday Club are available through this credit card. The Toys R Us Credit Card uses this program, but only half of the points are offered for purchases at “R” stores.

We offer every possible method such as phone number, email address, and Toys R Us live chat option. These methods can be used to connect with someone on the phone. Toys R Us Credit Cards make managing your account easy and safe.

Other benefits of this credit card include access to special offers, pre-sale notices, and access to Geoffrey’s Birthday Club. As a member of Geoffrey’s Birthday Club, the author’s son received a phone call on his birthday, a special gift from the store that included a balloon and crown, as well as a special gift and a postcard from Geoffrey (Giraffe Day ) for the child.